Ticket to Ride

Kentuckiana’s Regional Rideshare Programcropped-TicketToRide_Sign_Logo-1.png

Want to save on gas while helping the environment?

We’ve got just the Ticket!

Our mission is to make Kentuckiana a better place by empowering commuters to share rides, resulting in:

  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Greater Sustainability
  • Relief from the cost of fuel & commuting

Register with Ticket to Ride today and you can start saving time, money, and the planet!

Ticket To Ride offers YOU a number of ways to get you where you’re going. From carpools to vanpools to bikepools and even schoolpools and finding your transit route, Ticket To Ride has the perfect transportation option for you.

Register with us (it is free to register and/or search for your ride options) using the button at top right to log your commute, search and join a vanpool or carpool, find your transit route or a bike partner to commute with, or be eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Program.  If you’re not quite ready to register, use the link at the top of the menu to the right to check your options.