About Ticket to Ride & What We Offer

Want to save on gas while helping the environment?

We’ve got just the ticket.

Ticket To Ride is Kentuckiana’s rideshare program.

Our mission is to to make Kentuckiana a better place to live by empowering commuters to share rides, resulting in:

  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Improved air quality
  • Greater sustainability
  • Relief from the high cost of gasolineKIPDA Service Area Map

Join Ticket to Ride today and you can start saving time, money and the planet.

Need more? Read on.

Ticket To Ride is an alternative transportation program offered through the Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency (KIPDA).  All of the Ticket To Ride rideshare services are available to commuters that work and/or live in the KIPDA nine-county region: Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Spencer, Shelby, Trimble, and Henry counties in Kentucky; and, Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana.


KIPDA is the area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), which is a federally-mandated and federally-funded transportation policy-making organization in the United States that is made up of representatives from local and state government and governmental transportation authorities. MPO’s ensure that existing and future expenditures of governmental funds for transportation projects and programs are based on a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive planning process.  KIPDA also provides planning, review and technical services in the areas of social services and public administration.

KIPDA contracts with the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) to provide fleet management services for the Ticket to Ride vanpool program. TARC is responsible for the acquisition of vehicles (funding provided by KIPDA). TARC holds title to the vehicles, provides scheduled maintenance and repairs, and liability insurance.