What benefits can we help you offer to your employees, and which transportation options will work best?

The Ticket To Ride commuter program allows your employees to drastically reduce the cost of getting to and from work – increasing employee satisfaction while promoting sustainability. Your company may also able to benefit from offering a variety of commuter solutions, ranging from carpooling, bicycling, vanpooling, and transit.

Tax Benefits

If you choose to subsidize an employee’s transit or vanpool fare, those costs are tax deductible as an ordinary business expense. There are two calculators from the Best Workplaces for Commuters website (http://www.bestworkplaces.org) to help to estimate benefits:

We can provide information on offering employees incentives to participate in alternative transportation programs, such as the up to $255 monthly stipend for vanpooling or riding transit. These incentives are available tax-free to the employee and are tax-deductible for the employer. There are companies that specialize in offering these benefits to make it easy for your company and your employees. While Ticket to Ride cannot endorse any particular solution, additional information as well as programs designed to help are:

Chances are if your company already offers benefits through a Benefit Administration Program, the commuter benefit may already be a part of it, so we also suggest checking with your benefit administrator and/or Human Resources Department.

Employee Transportation Coordinator Training

Ticket To Ride can provide training for the member(s) of your staff responsible for addressing employee transportation issues. We’ll show them how to meet the transportation demands of your company’s workforce and keep them current on pertinent transportation tax and legal issues.

Other Benefits

Different commuting options can help your employees avoid the headaches of rush hour traffic.  They arrive at work relaxed and ready to go. And with growing environmental concerns and increased legislative efforts to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, future regulations will favor companies who engage in rideshare  programs.

Offering a variety of commuter benefits can also:

  • Reduce absenteeism & tardiness
  • Enhance productivity & morale
  • Improve employee retention
  • Increase parking availability
  • Provide a low-cost recruitment tool

Additional information and resources are available from BestWorkPlaces.org and CommuterChoice.com.

How Do We get Started?

Ticket To Ride will create a customized application for you to distribute to your company’s workforce. Then we collect, process, and enter each employee into our Ticket To Ride database (we do not share any information with other outside parties). The database matches carpool/vanpool participants who live in the same general area and/or travel similar routes to work. This will also allow any employee who takes transit, vanpools, carpools, or bikepools to register for our Emergency Ride Home Program.  Finally, participants receive a ridesharing “matchlist.”

We manage the entire process, saving your company time and effort. The participant application process can be integrated into new employee orientation programs and utilized as way to attract potential employees with transportation barriers.

To get started, call 502–267–5400 and speak with Elizabeth Bowling or toll-free at 1–866–822-POOL, or email us at info@tickettoride.org.