Emergency Ride Home

In case of emergency, call a taxi. (And get reimbursed.)

If you’re part of a carpool, vanpool, bikepool or ride TARC or other transit in the nine-county KIPDA region, and an emergency requires you to leave work early or stay late, Ticket to Ride’s Emergency Ride Home is your ticket home. Whether you take a taxi, a ride from a transportation network company (such as Uber or Lyft), or use transit, Ticket To Ride will reimburse you 80% of the cost of your ride including tip, up to 100 miles.

The program covers emergencies such as:

  • Your illness
  • Your child gets sick at school or daycare
  • A family crisis that requires your immediate attention
  • Unplanned mandatory overtime

When you register with Ticket to Ride as a someone who rideshares, you will have access to a reimbursement form. When an emergency occurs and you need to use Emergency Ride Home, complete the reimbursement form, attach your receipt from the taxi, transportation network company, or transit provider and mail it to the Ticket To Ride office.

Your Emergency Ride Home means:

  • You may stop to pick up a child at school or daycare.
  • Taxi fares will be reimbursed 80% for trips up to 100 miles one way.
  • You can use the Guaranteed Ride Home up to four times in any year.

To be eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Program, register with us now!