Refer a Friend & Get Paid

Refer a Friend to a Vanpool & Get Paid!

 Effective NOW through June 30, 2016 Ticket to Ride will be offering $25.00 Kroger gift cards to existing Ticket to Ride participants for referring new* commuters into a vanpool.

The program is easy; simply explain the vanpool program to your family, friends and co-workers.  Once your referral joins a vanpool, you will receive a $25.00 gift card, courtesy of Ticket to Ride.  Only seven commuters are required to start a vanpool and there is no limit to the number of gift cards you can earn.  If you refer four people and each joins a vanpool, you will receive a total of $100.00 in gift cards.

Remind your referral to identify YOU when signing up to ensure your referral credit!

Ticket to Ride will provide posters, flyers and brochures you’ll need to hang in your work break-room, at your church, local retailers, restaurants, etc.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Bowling, Marketing Coordinator at 502.267.5400, ext. 101 or

*A new commuter is someone not been a member of a vanpool in the past 24 months.

**Commuter must participate in vanpool program a minimum of 60 days before incentive will be delivered to referral.

Ticket to Ride & TARC meet with Amazon

On September 9, 10 & 11 the Ticket to Ride and TARC marketing teams met with employees and leaders at the Amazon fulfillment center on Patrol Road in Jeffersonville. Ticket to Ride’s commuter program allows employees to drastically reduce the cost of getting to and from work, increasing employee satisfaction while also providing many benefits to companies.

The Jeffersonville location is the largest fulfillment center in North America. The center opened for business in October of 2012 and has since employed around 900 people. Employees who use Ticket to Ride will avoid the headaches of rush hour traffic, and with extra time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead, they will arrive at work relaxed and ready to go.

About 120 Amazon employees stopped and talked with Ticket to Ride and TARC representatives during the day shift and night shift lunch breaks over the three day period. They asked about different ways to get to work, such as carpooling, vanpooling and TARC. Eligible employees also signed up for the Ticket to Ride Guaranteed Ride Home program. If you’re in a Carpool, Vanpool, Bikepool or ride TARC and an emergency happens, Guaranteed Ride Home through Ticket To Ride will reimburse you 80% of the cost of your taxi ride including tip, up to 100 miles. You may use the Guaranteed Ride Home service up to four times a year.

The meetings were successful in learning the needs of the workers at Amazon. Ticket-to-Ride and TARC hope to meet once each quarter with Amazon to educate people and to continue to interest them in our services.

2013 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award

WASHINGTON, DC – The Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) in Louisville, Kentucky has been awarded a 2013 Excellence in Regional Transportation Award from the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) for their Vanpooling Services program.

NADO is a Washington, DC-based association that promotes programs and policies to strengthen local governments, communities and economies through regional cooperation, program delivery, and comprehensive strategies. The Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards showcase organizations for noteworthy projects and practices in rural and small metropolitan transportation planning, program delivery, and special initiatives. Award winners received national recognition at the 2013 National Rural Transportation Peer Learning Conference, April 24 – 26 in Greenville, South Carolina.

In August 2001, the new Vanpooling Services program was formed which partnered KIPDA’s rideshare program, Ticket to Ride (TTR), and Transit Authority of River City (TARC), the local transit agency. Once the vanpools hit the road, commuters realized how much they were saving on fuel costs and the wear and tear on their personal vehicles. As of May 2012, the fleet consisted of 102 vehicles and the program has become a successful business model grabbing the attention of other regions.

According to NADO President John Leonard, Executive Director of the Southern Georgia Regional Commission in Valdosta, Georgia: “The Excellence in Regional Transportation Awards highlight the important results of programs and projects like the Vanpooling Services. Such initiatives are central to fostering quality of place and facilitating economic vitality in our nation’s communities by promoting effective transportation networks.”

For more information about the award-winning project, contact the Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) at (502) 266-6084.

Vanpool Empty Seat Assistance

Effective 09.01.2013, Ticket to Ride will offer the following Vanpool Empty Seat Assistance to encourage new vanpool start-ups and to support a vanpool that has temporarily lost passengers. The following principles will be used as guidelines:

To place new vanpool groups into service:

Vanpools should begin with a minimum of 7 people, including the primary driver.

For a 15-passenger vanpool, Ticket to Ride may subsidize up to 7 empty seats for the first month, up to 6 empty seats for the second month, and up to 5 empty seats for the third month of operation. For a 12-passenger vanpool, Ticket to Ride may subsidize up to 5 empty seats for the first month, up to 4 empty seats for the second month, and up to 3 empty seats for the third month of operation.[1]

During the first 3 months of operation, the drivers and passengers are responsible for recruiting additional passengers.

If after 3 months the vanpool is not full, the passengers will have to pay the full fare divided by the number of passengers.

If a passenger on an existing vanpool would like to join a new vanpool (one not currently operating), Ticket to Ride may subsidize the passenger’s seat on the existing van for 30 days so the passenger can move to the new vanpool.[1]

Ticket to Ride will assist in recruiting additional passengers by contacting commuters in its rideshare database and providing signs and flyers for passengers to post at their workplace.

To assist groups with maintaining minimum passenger counts:

After the first three months of operation, Ticket to Ride may offer up to four empty seat subsidies per twelve-month period when a vanpool is operating with less than or equal to half the passenger capacity of the van. For example, when a 15 passenger van has < 7 passengers or a 12 passenger van has < 6 passengers, an empty seat subsidy may be used. Each subsidy is equal to one passenger’s monthly fare.[1]

Ticket to Ride may offer a discounted fare for one month to a potential passenger as an incentive to join a vanpool.[1]

  1. The Vanpool Empty Seat Assistance is subject to the availability of funding.  ↩

Kentuckians Getting a Ticket To Ride

By Abby Piper, Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts

Two years ago, when Kristin Blocker’s husband Jerry lost his job, it put a significant strain on the family finances. Without the additional income, Kristen Blocker couldn’t afford the gas to get to her job in LaGrange, 45 minutes from her home. When she heard about Ticket To Ride from her coworkers, she knew she had to jump on board.

“This program has been a lifesaver for me,” Blocker said.

“This program has saved me at least $6,000.

I was spending roughly $80 a week in gas, not to mention oil changes every two months…[Ticket To Ride] costs me roughly $40 a month.”
Started in 2001, the Ticket To Ride program is run by the Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency, the area development district and metropolitan planning organization serving Bullitt, Spencer, Shelby, Henry, Trimble, Oldham, and Jefferson Counties in Kentucky and Clark and Floyd Counties in Indiana. Since its inception, the program has grown from 4 vans

“Vanpools commuting from Louisville to Georgetown and Lexington save their riders about 75% of their commuting costs. Depending on the type of personal vehicle they drive, these monthly savings can range from $500-$800 per person.”

-Kelly Tyra, program manager

with around 30 riders to 75 vans serving almost 700 people, an average of 9 people per van. They serve seven counties in Kentucky (Oldham, Jefferson, Shelby, Trimble, Henry, Spencer, and Bullitt) and 2 in Indiana (Clark, and Floyd). Riders come to Louisville every day from Elizabethtown, Radcliff, Fort Knox, Shelbyville, Georgetown, Lexington, and Frankfort, and other communities.

“This has really helped people like me who were struggling to make ends meet. I am blessed to be able to be part of such a great program,” Blocker said.

Above: One of the Ticket To Ride vans housed at the Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA)

Cost to Participate

The cost to ride is calculated per vanpool by dividing the operating cost by the number of passengers. Operating costs are calculated to include a flat $150 monthly insurance fee, 21 cents per mile, and fuel costs.

How to Catch a Ride

To catch a ride on a vanpool near you, contact the Ticket To Ride office by visiting or calling 1–866–822-POOL. If you are interested in starting a new vanpool, you need 7 riders to get on the road.

There are no paid drivers; riders on the vanpool select who will drive. CDLs are not required for vehicles with under 15 passengers. Primary drivers receive a free ride and 200 free personal miles per month and alternate drivers receive credit for the days they drive. Handicap accessible vehicles are available upon request.

Each vanpool is given a fuel card that allows the vanpool to purchase gas for the vehicle. They can also use this at Valvoline for oil changes every 3,000 miles. All vanpools are expected to keep up with oil changes and cleaning of the vehicles, but the program does an overall inspection every 9,000 miles to assist with upkeep of the vehicles.

“This program serves the community in a big way, cutting personal and environmental costs. It has a domino effect on the environment and on the community, and that’s the whole point of the program,” Kelly Tyra, Ticket To Ride director, said.

“Plus, federal employees can receive a transit stipend for using public transportation, and this qualifies for that stipend use,” Tyra said.

Ticket To Ride Testimonials

Blocker isn’t the only one saving her monthly finances with Ticket To Ride. Check out these accounts from other riders.

Marilyn Harris, Rider Since November 2008

Harris rides with 10 others who work with her at the Kentucky Housing Corporation, where they have a waiting list of people wanting a seat on their van. Harris has been commuting from Louisville to Frankfort for 15 years, a daily 90-mile round-trip.

“It was costing me $500 a month in gas just to get to work,” Harris said.

Harris says her vanpool collectively saves about $66,000 a year.

Josh Allfree, Rider Since July 2008

Allfree saves about $200 per month with Ticket To Ride.

“Because of the voucher program for active military and Department of the Army civilians, I have no out-of-pocket costs,” Allfree said.

Allfree serves as a driver for his vanpool, but said non-drivers save some stress, get some extra sleep, and they all help the environment.

“I think that the Ticket To Ride program is one of the best deals around,” he said.