A vantastic way to save.

Vanpooling is like carpooling, but with more people – and more saving! With a Ticket to Ride vanpool, you and up to 14 other people share the commute to and from work in a passenger van provided by Ticket to Ride. Each participant pays a monthly fare; the more people in your vanpool, the less you pay. And if you’re the primary driver, you pay no monthly fare at all!

Why vanpool?

  • It saves gas
  • It saves wear and tear on your car
  • It promotes sustainability and cleaner air
  • It lets you relax during the commute instead of stressing over rush hour traffic

How much does it cost?

The short answer: a lot less than driving by yourself every day. As a Ticket to Ride vanpool participant, you will be billed individually each month. Here’s how we calculate your monthly fare:

Fee Description
maintenance fee monthly mileage x $0.21
insurance fee $150.00
fuel expense fuel expensed by driver using fleet card
total operating costs maintenance fee + insurance fee + fuel expenses
monthly fare per passenger total operating costs ÷ number of passengers

Don’t forget the tax benefit

Your employer can subsidize your vanpool costs and deduct the costs as an ordinary business expense through the Commuter Check or Tranben program. Or you may be eligible for a tax break if your employer offers a pre-tax payroll deduction.

Can I be the driver?

Absolutely. Vanpool drivers are designated on a volunteer basis. And if you’re the primary driver, you pay no monthly fare and have access to the van for personal use up to 200 miles. All you need is to be age 25 or older, a valid driver’s license, and be approved by Ticket To Ride’s vanpool insurance provider.

How do I become part of a vanpool?

Easy. Register with us to see the operating vanpools to join, or contact us if you are interested in forming a new vanpool – you can email us at Questions? Call 502.267.5400  or toll-free at 1-866-822-POOL.

Join a Ticket to Ride vanpool today. It’s the smart way to commute.