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Driving to work driving you crazy?


What is vanpooling?

Ticket To Ride’s vanpool program consists of 7-15 commuters who live in the same general area and ride to and from work together in a fully equipped 12-15 passenger van. Each participant pays a monthly fare and the more people you have in your vanpool, the less you pay.

Just sit back, relax and ride to work. Use the extra time to get ready for the workday, chat with co-workers or even nap without having to fight rush hour traffic.

Why vanpool?

  1. Save on Gas: With gas prices on the constant rise, daily commutes to work are getting more and more expensive.
  2. Save on maintenance: Taking your car to and from work every day adds wear and tear and increased mileage on your personal vehicle, which leads to increased maintenance and repair costs as well as depreciation.

Tax Benefit

Talk to your employer about vanpooling as a low-cost alternative to driving alone. Your employer can subsidize your vanpool costs and deduct the costs as an ordinary business expense through the Commuter Check or Tranben program. Or you may be eligible to receive a tax break if your employer offers a pre-tax payroll deduction.

How much does it cost?

Ticket to Ride vanpool participants are billed individually each month. The monthly fare is calculated using the following factors and formulas:

Fee Description
maintenance fee monthly mileage x $0.21
insurance fee $150.00
fuel expense fuel expensed by driver using fleet card
total operating costs maintenance fee + insurance fee + fuel expenses
monthly fare per passenger total operating costs ÷ number of passengers

Who will drive?

Vanpool drivers receive extra benefits. Drivers pay no monthly fare and have access to the van for personal use. Vanpool drivers are designated on a volunteer basis. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be approved by Ticket To Ride’s vanpool insurance provider.

How do I start a vanpool?

Vanpools can be started with 7 or more participants going to and from the same location.

Ready to join a vanpool?

View our operating vanpools listing.

So How Much Old-fashioned Money Can I Save?

Drag items below to change daily roundtrip and riders to see how much you can save. You can also become a driver and pay nothing!

Number of Riders: people

Daily Roundtrip: miles

What if I miss my ride?

If you're in a Carpool, Vanpool, Bikepool or ride TARC and an emergency happens, Guaranteed Ride Home through Ticket to Ride is your ticket home. You simply take a taxi and Ticket to Ride will reimburse you 80% of the cost of your taxi ride including tip, up to 100 miles. You may use the Guaranteed Ride Home service up to 4 times a year.

Guaranteed Ride Home

What next?